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Florida horse attorney jumping

Very New Horse Bite Injury Case in FL

On July 13, 2016, the Third District Court of Appeal  decided Germer v. The Churchill Downs Management, Etc., et al, a...

Show jumper in Wellington, horse

Equine Insurance Part III- Mortality Insurance and Conditions Precedent

  In my last post, I discussed the basis of Equine Mortality Insurance, a type of life insurance for horses. For...

Girl and horse at sunset

Equine Insurance Part II- Equine Mortality Insurance Explained

  Most of my clients  have some sort of experience with insurance, most often through the purchase of a home or...

Show jumper in Wellington, horse

Equine Insurance Part I- The Basics

My favorite  “Dad Saying” about insurance is “You should always insure what you can not afford to lose.” Unfortunately, while...

contract signing

Should Read That Contract Before I Sign It?

  Contracts are an agreement between two parties. Contracts can be oral or written, but convention is to codify agreements...

Real property in Florida

Trusting a Trustee’s Deed for your Real Estate Planning

You’ve inherited your parents’ West Palm Beach, Florida property through a trust and now wish to sell it. Since a...


Trademark Basics- What’s in a name?

A trademark is a legal tool many businesses do not take full advantage. A trademark identifies a good or service...

child and pony

Florida’s Equine Helmet Law

Not many states require equine activity participant to wear a helmet. Florida is one of them. Under Florida’s “Nicole’s Law,”...

Girl and horse at sunset

Barn Leases- Provisions to Keep in Mind

Wellington is starting to awake from its summer slumber. The seasonal residents are securing accommodations for the 2016 Winter Show...

Real property in Florida

Quantum Meruit- What Is It and Why Plead It?

  If the term “quantum meruit” is one you have encountered, most likely you are involved with litigation or are about...

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