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Ms. Cole is well versed in the needs of every business owner and advises clients starting a new businesses, acquiring new ones, or selling established ones. Entrepreneurs frequently seek advise deciding what type of business entity to choose, negotiating contracts with vendors, and reviewing lease agreements with commercial landlords.  For those with established businesses who are looking to sell, Ms. Cole can advise business owners through the process of selling and transferring ownership. Like so many relationships, business relationships can go sour and frequently litigation against customers, vendors, and business partners become necessary as well. Ms. Cole’s litigation experience can help owners through the stressful process of litigation.

For Ms. Cole’s business clients, she offers the following services:

Corporate FormationBusiness People Meeting

Acquisitions/ Mergers

Buy/ Sell Businesses

Partnership/ Shareholder Agreements

Asset Purchase Agreements

Purchase/ Sale Agreement

Assignments of Interest

Operating Agreements

Business Transactions

Contracts and Contract Negotiations

Landlord/ Tenant

Employment or Non-Compete Agreements

Business Litigation/ Disputes

For those in the medical field, Ms. Cole offers her specialized skills. See our Professional Practice Acquisitions page for more information.

If your business needs attorney services on a continued basis but maintaining a private in house counsel is not an option, Ms. Cole’s in-house counsel program may be perfect for you. Click here for more information.

Resources offered by a small business lawyer

Below is a list of useful legal and professional resources which you may find helpful in finding solutions for your business. Please keep in mind, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on these pages and are in no way affiliated with any of the associations hosting these webpages. As always, if you are in doubt of the law, please contact us for a consultation.

Here are some resources relating to a number of our legal services such as business law, equine law and more

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