Equine Law Advice for Riders and Horse Owners Participating in the SFHJA May Show

If you are actively involved in the equine community in Florida, you will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating the South Florida Hunter Jumper Association’s May show. The SFHJA May show offers riders from Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Loxahatchee, the opportunity to participate and compete for the collection of close to 50 year-end trophies, 15 charity show trophies and 4 medal finals that are on offer.

The goals of the South Florida Hunter Rider Association are clear. They aim to further the education of true horsemanship and only promote good sportsmanship and charitable work within the equine community. With the help of the SFHJA, riders can further their overall knowledge and skills in the fields of hunting and show jumping. While the SFHJA May show is designed to encompass the goals of the association, there are always times when the need for an equine lawyer or equestrian law advice arises.

When competing / participating in a show such as those hosted by the SFHJA, it is best advised that you know your rights and legal limitations and responsibilities as a rider or horse owner. When looking around for an equine attorney with experience in the field, Ms. Cole, P.A offers professional services in the area.

What is the purpose of the SFHJA May show?

  • Further knowledge and skills in hunting and show jumping.
  • Provide education for true horsemanship.
  • Promote charitable work in the equine community.
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While Ms. Cole offers equine law services in the Florida area, it is not just her profession. Ms. Cole is also an active member of the equine community and has been a professional horsewoman for many years. As such, she has a vested interest in the activities and shows in the area and is well known for providing valuable advice and legal services in the Florida equine community. Her services are designed to aid both horse owners and riders equally.

Take the time to contact Ms. Cole for further queries and concerns involving equine law and participating in the SFHJA May show.