Florida’s Equine Helmet Law

Not many states require equine activity participant to wear a helmet. Florida is one of them. Under Florida’s “Nicole’s Law,” (whose namesake was a Palm Beach child who died from head injuries after being thrown from a horse) also known as Fla. Stat. 773.06, states that any minor who riding a horse must wear a qualified helmet. This law applies to any child under the age of 16 and the helmet must pass the standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials. The law applies to minors who are riding on public roadway, a public equestrian trail, or any other publicly owned or controlled property.

Parents, guardians, or trainers can be subject to a non-criminal action if they knowingly allow a child under 16 to ride without a helmet.

The law, however, provides exceptions to children competing in activities where helmets are traditionally not worn, such as rodeos, those riding on privately owned land, or those engaged in agriculture.

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