Our equine lawyer wishes everyone in Palm Beach County a great polo season

As an equine lawyer in Palm Beach, the Business and Corporate Law Office of Catherine Cole, P.A. always stays up with relevant events in the area. Polo season is coming and we expect that many of our clients will be frequenting the International Polo Club Palm Beach facility to witness the incredible skill of ponies and players.

Polo is often seen as the sport of kings. In Palm Beach, there are multiple events and competitions leading up to the main event, namely the US Polo Open Championship. This will start in the beginning of January and some of the best polo players from across the globe will be attending this year’s matches, tournaments and events.

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The Business and Corporate Law Office of Catherine Cole, P.A

Local attorneys sometimes will advertise that they handle Equine Law simply because they happen to reside in or practice near Wellington. However, it takes much more than proximity to horses to make a knowledgeable horseman/woman.

Attorney Cathy H. Cole can help you with a variety of equine law matters. She represents equestrian clients who take advantage of the beautiful weather and world-class riding facilities in Wellington, Florida, where many equestrians reside either full time or during the winter months. Attorney Cole is an equestrian herself, and as such, she has an insight into the real matters of equestrian life beyond simply being knowledgeable of legal forms and procedures. Contact this experienced equine lawyer today.