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Lawyers Doing Business With Their Clients- What Could Go Wrong?

Much like any other business person, attorneys are frequently presented with opportunities to invest or do business with family, friends,...


How to Make A Small Business Worth More Money

Whether you are building your small business with the hope of creating a legacy for future generations or selling to...


Equine Activity Releases for Underage Riders

You operate a sport horse barn. You are a responsible business owner and you prepared a release. You are diligent in making...


What is a Joint Venture?

Congratulations! You found a business partner with skills or assets to complement yours. The two of you are now exploring...

Horse Racing jumping fence

Failing to Use Florida’s Equine Lien Laws Could Come with a High Price

Several months ago, I wrote a post regarding Florida’s equine lien law, which favors equine caregivers. By way of follow-up,...

Law Books

Standards of Review Count!

As an alumnae of Sweet Briar College, the decision made by the board of directors this past February to close...

Racehorse on white

Call for Modifying the USEF Equine Drugs and Medications Rules

The article which was originally published in the January 19, 2015 Chronicle of the Horse entitled “We Need to Modify...

Judge  gavel with books in the background

Trial advocacy tips

Yesterday I judged a moot court competition as a “juror.” For those who are unaware of the concept of a...


Bad Boarders- The High Price of Failing to Pay Board

Equine Law– Equine Liens For as long as riders have been boarding their horses, there have been horse owners who...

Horse Racing jumping fence

How to Avoid Buying a Horse that Comes with Regret

One of the most common issues that rises in equestrian transactions is when a horse that fails to live up...

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