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Property law is a diverse area that involves any legal matter associated with ownership and use of real property. Ms. Cole is available to help clients in any of the following real property issues:

Title – If you are buying or selling residential or commercial property, Ms. Cole can assist you with your real estate closing. Closings can be stressful and complicated. Having a knowledgeable and pro-active attorney will assure your closing goes as smoothly as possible.

Landlord/ Tenant – In both commercial and residential settings, landlords and tenants often have complex legal issues which should be handled by an attorney. Many lay people assume they can simply find a form lease off the internet which will serve their needs, however, this is often not the case. If you are a property owner who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property, it may be wise to pay a professional to protect your rights and interests. As a tenant, many people need help negotiating their lease or understanding their rights. There are laws in Florida protecting tenants which many clients need assistance in understanding.

Sales and Acquisitions – Whether you are an individual or a member of an investment group seeking to acquire or sell real estate, an attorney working on your side can make the process quicker, less stressful and less expensive.

Leasing – Whether you are a property owner or a prospective tenant, a lawyer can help negotiate commercial and residential leases. Having an attorney review your lease before you sign could help you avoid potential issues in the future.

Joint Ventures – Real estate purchases frequently use different corporate structures to join capital resources and developers for the purpose of acquiring and developing real estate. An attorney is useful in negotiating and structuring joint venture arrangements.

Litigation – Despite all planning, disputes inevitably arise between landowners, buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees, brokers, and developers in relation to contract disputes, liens, construction disputes, eminent domain proceedings, foreclosures, and title issues.

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